This Is The Best Wattage For Outdoor Lights To Look Their Best

These Are The Best Measurements For Bulbs You Can Use To Make Your Colorado Springs Home Look Amazing
Using the best wattage for outdoor lights will make your outdoor area look as good as this one with purple and white lights

The best wattage for outdoor lights in a backyard is below 80 watts. The most common wattage for landscape lighting is 40 and below.

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What’s A Watt Now?

“A watt. You know, how you measure some light bulbs’ power,” explains Melissa.

“Ah ok,” says Josh. “I’m still lost about this whole wattage and bulb thing. Can’t we just pop in another bulb and be done with it?” Melissa sighs. “We could, but there are several things that could go wrong. The bulb might not work, it might not work well, or it could short out. Who knows, it could damage something.”

Josh lets out a low whistle as he leans back in his chair. “That doesn’t sound good at all. I think I should look up more about watts, find out the best wattage for outdoor lights. I think we should look up how many lumens we need too, though that’s an LED bulb thing.”

Melissa smiles as she pulls out her phone. “I’ll do the searching this time. You can come look on with me if you want.” She starts searching on Google as Jason scoots over so he can see too.

This is what the couple ends up learning:

The Best Wattage For Outdoor Lights

Chart showing the lumens and wattage for light bulbs

The best watts for outdoor lights are 80 and lower. You can use 40-watt bulbs for paths, gardens, and other low-level areas. 40 to 80-watt bulbs are ideal for driveways and lighting up larger areas of your yard. 80-watt bulbs and lower are dark sky lighting approved too.

Low Wattage Bulbs

Pathway lights use a lower wattage

These are for light bulbs that are 40 watts or lower. They’re ideal for accent lighting, stylish lighting, and for making the ground easier to see. You can also use them in gardens to show off your plants and statues at night.

Mid-Wattage Bulbs

Mid range watt light bulbs work great on decks

Mid-wattage bulbs are anything between 40 and 80 watts. These are what you’ll mostly find inside your home. They’re too bright to light up areas you put 40-watt bulbs. But, they’re great for larger areas like driveways or for lighting up an entire yard. You can use them to light up smaller areas, but be sure to use them sparingly.

High Wattage Bulbs

Anything above 80 watts isn’t for home use. They light up larger areas like parking lots, highways, pedestrian areas, and such. You can light up your yard and your neighbor’s yards with these bulbs.

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“Wow, it’s a good thing we’re looking this up or I might’ve gotten too high of a watt,” sighs Josh in relief. Melissa nods. “Me too. While we’re here, let’s see what else we can learn about outdoor lighting.