Spring Koi Pond Cleaning In 7 Steps For The Best Result

This Is How Anyone Should Clean Their Koi Pond For Spring In Colorado Springs
Matt Hiner spring koi pond cleaning

You can learn the 7 steps everyone should take for spring koi pond cleaning. From moving any fish to a separate tub to reintroducing them, each step is important. You can find out why these steps are so important and even how they’re different from the other processes (look for the link to the other 2 ways to clean a koi pond).

It’s That Time Again!

“After last year’s disaster, I think it’s time we find someone new to spring clean our koi pond.”

Tom rolls his eyes as he remembers what happened. Their pond was clean for a while, then algae took over, plants died, and it looked like a mess.

Koi pond in need of spring cleaning

“You’re right, Valerie. The other 2 processes for cleaning a koi pond really didn’t work out too well for us. There’s got to be another way to do it, we just need to find someone who does it differently.” But the couple doesn’t know what the other way would be.

They decide to go on Google and look for spring koi pond cleaning steps to see if there’s another way. If they find a contractor who uses a process they like they’ll see about getting a quote for a pond cleaning from them.

Here is the other process they find.

How To Clean A Koi Pond For Spring In 7 Steps

  1. Move fish to a separate tank
  2. Drain the water
  3. Flush pond with water
  4. Pressure wash rocks
  5. Clean skimmers and filters
  6. Check on any additions
  7. Refill pond and reintroduce fish
Ecosystem pond with spillway bowls and plants are a beautiful and natural outdoor living space idea

“Wow, this is a lot different than what our last guy did,” Valerie points out. Tom nods in agreement, but he wonders why this process is better and what the other steps actually do differently.

The couple scrolls down to find out why these spring cleaning steps for koi ponds are different.

Pumping water out of a pond to clean it

Moving the fish should be done no matter what process is being followed. Drain some of the water into a separate tub (put in a shady spot) and then move the fish to the tub. Using the water they live in is best so they aren’t shocked by different water.

“I didn’t know that about the water, that’s good to know,” Tom notes.

Once draining the water is done you can use it to flush the muck, algae, and anything else out of the cracks and hard to reach places.

Pressure washing the rocks to clean a koi pond for spring

Pressure washing the rocks helps remove the scum and other things harder to scrub off. You don’t want to get everything off because that can hurt the pond ecosystem. Pressure washing too close can remove the beneficial bacteria (and all of the algae, which some need to be left).

“Do you really need some algae left? I thought that was bad for ponds,” Valerie questions. “Well, if some algae are in Mother Nature’s ponds then I guess some should be in ours,” Tom answers.

With the pond drained it’s easier to check on any additions like auto-fills, IonGens, lights, etc. It’s also a great time to install any additions you may want.

Koi fish in a pond

After that comes refilling the pond, treating it for the fish if needed, and then properly reintroducing them (you don’t just put them in, it’s not good for them).

“Huh, I wonder what the proper steps for reintroducing fish are?” Tom wonders.

Valerie suggests they save that question for another time and focus on finding someone to spring clean their koi pond. Tom agrees and they start talking about whether to keep looking or not.

Next Steps

Tom and Valerie think this process for spring koi pond cleaning sounds good and thorough. The contractor seems to know what they’re talking about and they have good reviews. The couple decides to reach out about getting a quote.

The pond cleaning process goes without a hitch and they love the transformation (especially because it sticks this time):

You can have the same thing Tom and Valerie do. It all starts by contacting us.