Outdoor Living Room That’ll Make You Want To Be Outside

This Outdoor Living Room Will Have You Thinking About Getting One For Your Colorado Springs Home

After seeing some of the ideas in this outdoor living room you’ll be thirsty for more! These ideas include:

  • A natural stone fireplace
  • Grill
  • Mini fridge
  • Patio furniture

All together it makes a beautiful space to relax in and spend time with loved ones. Let’s take a closer look!

Closeup of fireplace in an outdoor living room

I’m Done With Plain And Boring

Jack frowns at his back patio, arms folded across his chest.

All he can see are a few big blocks of concrete with some plants around it. It’s literally just a hardscape for people to stand on, maybe move some chairs out there, but why? Not much to see as it is:

Before creating an outdoor living room in Colorado Springs

He and his wife Lacey want to create an amazing place to entertain their friends and family, and to do that they’re going to need to upgrade their “patio” into an outdoor living room. 

So Jack starts researching contractors in Colorado Springs. He runs across a few before he finds Hiner Outdoor Living’s featured projects page. He looks around for quite a while before deciding to call them and see what he can find out. Thankfully, Lacey gave him full control over the project to make it easier to get done.

*Jack and Matt Hiner talk about the project he wants for his backyard. After the phone call and estimate process, Jack decides to hire Hiner Outdoor Living to create his ideal outdoor living space.

Creating An Outdoor Living Room To Be Proud Of

Jack brought the Hiner team into his home so they could turn his boring patio into a fun outdoor living space, the kind that makes you want to be outside. Here is the result:


Jack and Lacey love it. The beautiful stone tiles are a definite upgrade from the concrete slabs. The stone fireplace is ideal for colder temperatures and making s’mores! Plus they can eat outside after they make food using their new outdoor kitchen:

Outdoor kitchen in Colorado Springs as part of this outdoor living idea

Time To Break It In!

Jack starts rubbing his hands together excitedly as he thinks about starting up the grill to break it in. Lacey’s already sitting on the patio, soaking in the early afternoon sun. They’re going to invite some friends over, have a fire, and celebrate their brand new outdoor living room.