Landscaping And Outdoor Living Project In Meridian Ranch

Landscaping And Outdoor Living Project In Meridian Ranch

You can see the results of this family’s hard work as they add landscaping and an outdoor living area to their home in the Meridian Ranch area of Colorado Springs, CO. They chose a low maintenance xeriscaping and outdoor kitchen/patio.

Keep reading if you want to see how it looks!

All characters in this post are not accurate representations of our clients. The characters’ personalities and diction are fictional.

“Yes, it’s finally happening!” Josh beams excitedly.

“I know I am so excited!” agrees his wife, Sarah. The day has finally come where Josh and Sarah can start realizing their dream of having their ideal outdoor area. The couple just finalized their plans for landscaping and an outdoor living space with Hiner Outdoor Living.

The couple has been working on this plan for a long time. It took them almost as long to find someone they trust enough to do it. They met this trusty contractor, Matt Hiner (founder and owner of Hiner Outdoor Living), at a Home & Garden show.

“I’m glad we met Matt, aren’t you Sarah?” “Yes, he made me feel comfortable about the project as a whole and he really knows what he is talking about.”

“After this, we should have a great place to be outside. A nice patio, an outdoor kitchen to cook in, a place to play with the dogs, and some amazing landscaping to go with it.”

Matt Hiner, his son, and their dog

The project begins and ends over a period of time as the phases are completed, one by one. After the last plant is planted and rock is set, the couple comes back to their house to see these final results.

The Low-Maintenance Landscaping

“It’s perfect,” Sarah cries in excitement:

Xeriscaping part of the landscaping portion of the outdoor living project

“Even the rocks are artistically placed! I mean, the different shades and size make it look like a light river of sand running through the darker banks of rock.” Josh smiles as she talks. “She’s always been good with words, especially when she’s describing something like this.” 

Josh does have to agree. Matt did a great job giving them what they asked for, so far. The front does look amazing. It fits right in with the surroundings, but not in a way that it washes out or blends in too much.

More front yard xeriscaping as part of this landscaping and outdoor living project in colorado springs

It’s also low-maintenance. This means caring for it won’t be a huge chore (the bonus of xeriscaping). The couple walks around their new yard, exploring the natural areas and stone stairs in wonder:

Retaining walls and stone stairs for front entrance of this home

“Wait, Josh, we are forgetting something important.” Sarah suddenly says. “What is it, hon?” She looks at him with eyes wide as saucers, “The backyard is done too…” They stare at each other for a second before breaking out into smiles. They hurry to see what awaits them around back.

The Outdoor Living Space

“We’re having a feast tonight babe!” Josh whoops happily.

“If you are the one grilling and making food then I am in! It is time to celebrate,” Sarah excitedly agrees. In all fairness to the couple’s excitement, their outdoor living space idea has turned out beautifully:

Looks like the couple’s hard work has paid off. Now they can enjoy their ideal outdoor space for years to come.

But, for now, all their thoughts are on enjoying a wonderful meal on their new patio cooked in their new outdoor kitchen.

Do You Enjoy Your Outdoor Area?

Colorado is a beautiful state. There isn’t another one like it, and our clients want to take advantage of that. That’s why they want to create a beautiful outdoor area to help them become “outsiders”. Do you want to be an outsider too?