3 Backyard Water Features People Love For Their Homes

You Can Find These Types Of Water Features In Many Colorado Springs Homes
Before and after pictures of building a koi pond

After you see these 3 backyard water features you’ll want one for you home too! They include ecosystem ponds, pondless water features, and fountains.

You can see what they can look like in the post below-

The Grass Needs To Be Gone

“We need to upgrade the look of our backyard.”

Sam nods thoughtfully at Cassie’s comment. “Yeah, I think you’re right. The plants are nice but we don’t really use the large grassy area for anything much. It might be nice to put something there that’s more fun.”

Two people digging a koi pond

Cassie smiles. “I have the perfect idea for what to put there too! Or, well, I have 3 but they’re all types of backyard water features.” Sam chuckles softly. “I figured you might. You’re not one to spring an idea like that without some kind of plan. What exactly do you have in mind, water feature-wise?”

Cassie unlocks her phone and pulls up a post she read. It has pictures and talks about the ideas she wants.

Here is what she shows Sam-

Backyard Water Features

3 popular backyard water features include ponds, pondless water features, and fountains. The pondless water features include streams and waterfalls. There are many types of fountains to choose from like spillway bowls and urns. They all bring a unique and beautiful presence wherever they are.

Pond owner reading a newspaper while relaxing beside her water feature

“Unique and beautiful, it’s just like me,” Cassie jokes. “You’re right they are! You have any pictures of backyard water features this contractor has built?” Sam asks.

Ecosystem Koi Ponds

“They basically take care of themselves!”

Before and after installing an ecosystem pond

Ecosystem ponds are a special type of water feature. They have 5 elements that help them take care of themselves just like a natural pond. 

If built by a qualified pond contractor they can look like you built your house around an actual natural pond. The most maintenance you’ll have to do is check the skimmers. They can be built to fit almost any size yard.

Koi fish swimming in a pond at night lit up by LED lights

“That sounds wonderful! Beautiful and low-maintenance is as close to perfect as you can get,” Cassie points out. Sam nods in agreement. “I wonder how much ponds like these can cost?” he asks as he scrolls down on Cassie’s phone to the next backyard water feature.

Pondless Water Features

“It’s a water feature that doesn’t have a deep water basin.”

Stream and other outdoor living space ideas

If you still want beauty but even lower maintenance, you might want to get a pondless water feature. It can be a 25-foot long stream or a small waterfall by the backdoor.

“We could even combine them! Imagine a stream leading into a waterfall that splashes into a pond,” Sam says excitedly.

Backyard stream with waterfall

One of the best parts is that the water is recycled. This is why we call them “infinity falls.” The water goes down the fall, into the bottom, and then back up to the top. This conserves your water and your money.

“Now that’s nifty. This backyard water feature adds to our yard without taking too much water or money,” Cassie notes. She scrolls to the final feature.


“These are so elegant and fancy!”

3 basalt fountains in a natural area

You can choose from a variety of materials and fountains. Stones, urns, spillway bowls, and basalt fountains are the most popular choices. 

Ecosystem pond with spillway bowls and plants are a beautiful and natural outdoor living space idea

They are easy, affordable, and still bring the relaxing sight and sound of flowing water. You can put them next to front or back doors, in a natural area, or combine it with another backyard water feature.

“If we got all three of these ideas in one…” Cassie trails off dreamily. 

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“What do you think Sam?” Sam strokes his beard as he thinks it over. “I love these ideas, but we should try to get more information first. It would be nice to know about some pricing, maintenance, and other information.”

The couple gets back to researching. Once they’re done they’ll be one step closer to having a new backyard feature to enjoy.

“You mean should we clean the pond before we plant anything? That’s a great idea! Let’s look it up and see if we can find out how to clean a koi pond.”