These Are The 3 Best Landscape Lighting Brands For Your Home

Most People In Colorado Springs Use These Light Brands For Their Yards
The best landscape lighting brands light up this fountain and outdoor area

Three of the best landscape lighting brands include Unique, Kichler, and FX Luminaire. They all have quality fixtures you can rely on.

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What Do The Pro’s Use?

“If we’re going to get landscape lights, let’s get the best brand,” suggests Melissa.

Josh groans. “But those best brands are also the most expensive. Can’t we just get some cheaper ones instead?” Melissa frowns. “Yes, the cost per lighting fixture is more, but that’s because they usually look better for longer.”

Josh sighs. “Yeah, you have a good point, there. I guess we should start by looking up the best landscape light brands. It might take a while for us to find them among all the ads,” he jokes. Melissa cracks a smile. “Then we’d better go ahead and start!”

Melissa unlocks her phone and starts searching on Google. Here’s what she and Josh find:

The Top Lighting Brands For Landscapes

Pathway light fixture lighting up a path

The best landscape lighting brands include Unique Lighting Systems, Kichler Landscape Lighting, and FX Luminaire. But, the brand isn’t everything. You’ll want to use the best materials like brass and stainless steel. They tend to look better for longer than other materials.

1. Unique Lighting Systems

Unique Lighting stands behind their work so much they include a lifetime warranty guarantee on certain products.

They create truly wonderful and durable fixtures. They have a wide range of design options and colors. Plus, this company is always trying to improve their products so you can have the best.

2. Kichler Landscape Lighting

This brand is all about quality.

Kichler lighting has the only class 4 lab in the U.S. This makes them top-notch at verifying specifications and safety for each and every fixture they have. Since they’re a global brand, you’ll be sure to get your lights fairly quickly.

3. FX Luminaire

This landscape lighting brand is future-focused.

FX Luminaire is using digital lighting control and LED technology to create truly amazing lights. They are constantly on the lookout for the next big idea or trend in lighting.

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“So we should use one of these for our home,” says Josh. Melissa nods. “Yes indeed! Let’s see what else we should know about landscape lights before we decide anything.”