The True Cost Of A Koi Pond In Colorado Springs 2020

Find The Prices Of Koi Ponds That Are Different Sizes And More
Pond owner reading a newspaper while relaxing beside her water feature

You can pay anywhere from $5,000 and up for a quality koi pond. The true cost of a koi pond does depend on certain factors like who you hire, custom or package pond, and more.

Find the cost and factors of koi ponds for Colorado Springs 2020 in the post below:

Yeah, But How Much Is It?

“Can you really put a price on fun and family time?”

Father and son spending time together around a koi pond worth the cost of a koi pond

Jeremy raises an eyebrow to say that yes, he can. Rebecca frowns a reply. They’ve been going back and forth about getting a koi pond in their backyard for what feels like forever now.

“But you haven’t even looked at the pictures with me. Okay, how about this: just go through the pictures and pricing with me. If you still don’t think the cost of a koi pond is worth it, I’ll drop it,” Rebecca suggests.

Two chairs facing a pond

Jeremy agrees to the compromise thinking this will be the last he’ll hear about a koi pond. Rebecca pulls up the site she got the pictures and pricing from. Here is what she shows Jeremy.

The Cost Range Of Koi Ponds In Colorado Springs

The cost of a koi pond is anywhere from $5,000-$23,000 and higher. The only real difference for this range is the size of the pond. The cost can go up if you have additions installed too. The price of a koi pond changes for 3 main reasons: size, materials, and the contractor’s experience. 

The cost of a koi pond does not include a dog

“These are the prices for quality koi ponds too. They look real, not like those holes in the ground with rocks thrown around them,” Rebecca follows up.

“That’s not as bad as I thought. Let’s see some pricing and pictures,” Jeremy says, his curiosity aroused.

Ponds Starting At $5,000

“These ponds can be about 8 feet long, 6 feet wide , and almost 2 feet deep.”

“I’ll admit, I’m already more impressed than I thought I would be,” Jeremy admits. “That doesn’t mean I think the cost of a koi pond is worth it yet.”

Rebecca smiles, glad she at least caught his interest. She scrolls on to the next koi pond size.

Ponds Starting At $8,000

“These ponds can be about 7 feet long, 8 feet wide, and almost 2-and-a-half feet deep.”

Medium koi pond

“This one is 4 feet wider and a half-a-foot deeper than the $5,000 ponds. Since it’s over 2 feet deep we don’t have to worry about any fish we have freezing during the winter,” Rebecca points out (she read about winter pond maintenance on the same site).

“Well, I don’t know. This pond looks great, but let’s see what the biggest ones can look like,” Jeremy says excitedly.

Ponds Starting At $23,000

“These ponds can be about 14 feet long, 14 feet wide, and almost 2-and-a-half feet deep.”

There’s more to enjoy with ponds of this size! You can go wading with your fish (which you can have plenty of) and provide a habitat for birds, turtles, and frogs.

“Hahaa, swimming with the fishes just took on a whole new meaning,” Jeremy laughs. Rebecca chuckles with him (they both love American mafia movies).

When Are We Getting One?!

Jeremy sits back and thinks. “Ok, you have me mostly convinced that the cost of a koi pond is worth it OOF,” Jeremy loses his breath as Rebecca squeezes him in a loving hug. “But, that doesn’t mean we’re getting one yet,” he finishes.

“Then maybe these 6 benefits of owning a water feature will do it,” Rebecca says with a smile.