3 Residential Landscaping Features You’ll Love

Landscaping is a bit like the wrapping on a present or the icing on a cake; it accentuates the item at hand, in this case, your home. Residential landscaping doesn’t have to be extravagant or outrageously expensive, however, to make an impact. Check out these three residential landscaping features that deliver a lot of bang for your buck; we think you’ll love them:

Water Features

Water features are popular residential landscaping elements, in part, because they attract wildlife (especially birds), mask noise pollution, and create a calming atmosphere, all while establishing a visual focal point in your yard. They can range from large natural swimming pools and koi ponds to smaller fountains and pondless water features. Water fountains, in particular, are a wonderful option for homeowners who want a water feature but don’t want to commit to a lot of time, money, or maintenance along with it. The vast variety of water fountains available on the market today allows you to install and enjoy an eye-catching residential landscaping feature relatively inexpensively! Even if you have a landscape designer construct a fountain for you, the costs can be surprisingly affordable since you can build almost any size or shape fountain to match the budget you set.

Outdoor Lighting

Another residential landscaping feature that often delivers a dramatic punch to your yard is outdoor lighting. Spotlights, floodlights, up/downlights, bollard lights, string lights, and path lights: the list is nearly endless. Shine them on walkways and steps, walls or your house. Illuminate your patio, pool, or pond. Lights are a great way to highlight the design of your home and/or a specific area of your yard. Landscape lighting is a low-maintenance feature that really enhances the home’s aesthetic, at most you might need to change a bulb every now and then!

Native Plants

Native plants are those which are indigenous to the area in which you live. They grow naturally, having evolved to accommodate the soil and weather conditions in your part of the world. Using native plants (instead of ornamental or exotic plants) for your residential landscaping projects allows you to take advantage of your area’s natural resources. Indeed, native plants not only grow better and survive longer, but they also require less fertilizer and remain hardier across all seasons than non-native plants. Thus, you won’t spend as much time or energy trying to take care of them, and you probably won’t have to replace them as often as those species not accustomed to growing in your area. In this way, native plants are a low-maintenance, hardy, and vibrant residential landscaping feature for homeowners wanting year-round color and interest in their yards.

Want More Residential Landscaping Ideas?

These are just a few residential landscaping features to consider. There are countless other options. If you’d like to learn more about using creative residential landscape design to accentuate your home and property, please schedule a free discovery call with our team at Hiner Outdoor Living today. We can help you examine and choose the best features for your own needs and resources.