Aquascape Aquatic Patio Pond


Aquascape Patio Ponds make it simple to have a complete water garden in almost any setting. Creating a beautifully planted container water garden has never been easier. Use outside or bring indoors to add the soothing sounds of water to any room. The durable, lightweight fiber-resin construction provides a realistic earthenware finish. The integrated plant shelf makes it easy to create a natural paradise.

22" Patio Pond

  • Dimensions: 22"L x 22"W x 12"H
  • 15 gallon capacity

24" Patio Ponds

  • Dimensions: 24"L x 24"W x 12"H
  • 10 gallon capacity

27" Patio Pond

  • Dimensions: 27"L x 27"W x 14"H
  • 27 gallon capacity

32" Patio Ponds

  • Dimensions: 32"L x 32"W x 14"H
  • 20 gallon capacity

33" Patio Pond

  • Dimensions: 33"L x 33"W x 16"H
  • 45 gallon capacity

40" Patio Ponds

  • Dimensions: 40"L x 40"W x 16"H
  • 30 gallon capacity

Instructions & Maintenance

Aquascape Aquatic Patio Pond