Our Pond Maintenance Services in Colorado Springs

At Hiner Outdoor Living, we want to help you find your excuse to get back outside. Colorado Springs boasts some of the most beautiful scenery in the country, yet many residents still find themselves stuck inside. A beautiful outdoor living space, complete with a well-maintained pond, can change that. 

Searching for “pond maintenance near me”? There are many reasons why a pond might need maintenance. Whether it’s a routine cleaning or complete rehabilitation, we want to help restore your pond. 

Common Pond Issues

Whether you’re a new pond owner or looking to rehabilitate an older pond, some common issues you might be experiencing include:

  • Green Water

Discolored water is most commonly caused by an excess of nutrients in the pond or high phosphates from a number of factors including decomposing waste, fertilizer runoff, or excess fish food.

  • Unhealthy Fish

Fish who are unusually lethargic, unresponsive to food, or who have an abnormal odor. 

  • Unhealthy Plants

Aquatic plants that are overgrown, abnormally colored, or visibly dying. Unwanted vegetation not only looks unsightly but can breed bacteria which is harmful to fish and attract wildlife to your pond. 

Pond maintenance can help to restore clean, fresh water, rehabilitate fish, and get rid of unhealthy plants. 

Pond Repair & Renovation 

Most pond maintenance involves cleaning and filtering water. Pond repair and renovation commonly include:

1. Adding Filters 

Filtering out excess nutrients or unwanted debris from your pond is the first step to keeping your fish and plants healthy. This will make a major difference in the overall appearance of your pond. 

2. Add Ponding Life 

Fish can naturally help to filter a pond by eating (and therefore eliminating) plants such as algae, keeping your water cleaner once your pond is clear of any unwanted vegetation. 

3. Pond Cleaning 

A professional pond cleaning can clear water with the use of effective cleaning solutions in less than 1 day. 

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