Outdoor Kitchen Idea In Ivywild, Colorado Springs

This outdoor kitchen idea in the Ivywild neighborhood of Colorado Springs might have what you’re looking for. The stone floor, wooden pergola, and layered firepit are only the beginning. You can see why this outdoor kitchen became the reason this couple didn’t move houses.

All characters in this post are not accurate representations of our clients. The characters’ personalities and diction are fictional. 

“The best things can come in small packages.”

“Yeah, right,” thinks Julie as she listens to this Matt guy rattle on. He’s here to talk about the outdoor kitchen her husband, Mark, wants.  Personally, she isn’t feeling the thrill of these outdoor kitchen ideas.

She’d rather be looking at new houses to move in to.

But, she agreed that if they could find someone to build them a great outdoor kitchen area they could stay. So now Matt’s here to help them create their ideal outdoor space. “He is the founder and owner so he should know what he’s doing,” Julie thinks to herself. So far he says he can do everything on the wishlist.

If he can fit everything into their small yard she will be impressed.

The Problem With This Ivywild Yard

“It’s a small yard with a big dream,” Matt says with a smile.

“That’s kinda the problem,” says Julie anxiously, “It’s a small yard but we have a long wishlist. Are you up to this kind of challenge?” Matt replies “As a matter of fact, I welcome the challenge! It’s going to take a unique design to get around this and I’m looking forward to it.”

Julie and Mark both hope he can back up his words.

Turns out, Matt can do what he says.

The design he is presenting them looks a-maz-ing and they haven’t even seen it in real life. Everything they want fits in with his design. “I think we should hire him,” Mark says eagerly, “He’s done exactly what we want!”

Julie agrees and together they hire Matt Hiner and Hiner Outdoor Living to create their outdoor kitchen idea.

Creating The Outdoor Kitchen Idea

As with every outdoor kitchen, there needs to be a place to make the food:

Grill area for an outdoor kitchen idea in Ivywild Colorado Springs

This area comes with everything men need to be grillmasters: a grill, places to store food, and a smoker. All kinds of meats, veggies, and foods can be made here. Plus, the chef won’t have to be alone when cooking anymore:

This high counter table is ideal for sitting around to keep the cook company. It’s also great for appetizers, drinks, and socializing. The other table is great for eating the actual meal. If you’re having a party then having 2 eating areas outside can come in handy.

Between the grill and the lower table is the most interesting part of this outdoor kitchen idea:

Outdoor Gas Fire Table In Colorado Springs Next To Grill

This custom designed and manufactured 2-tier firepit is a blaze of glory! The unique design is truly a sight to behold, especially since the top layer has a flower bed (don’t worry, the flowers won’t burn).

It’s also far enough away from the grill that it doesn’t add to the heat for the chef.

Above it all rises the custom pergola:

The solid and stained hardwood looks amazing as it rises over the outdoor kitchen.

Julie and Mark are standing in the middle of it, awestruck. They kind of knew what it would look like but this is blowing away their expectations. It’s everything they want and more.

Is Your Outdoors Everything You Want?

Colorado is a beautiful area to live in, and we want to help you make the most of it. Julie and Mark are with their amazing outdoor kitchen idea. You can have something just like it or come up with a design of your own! Either way, we’d love to help you become an “outsider.”