Koi Pond Contractors You Can Trust In Colorado Springs

These Are Some Pond Builders In Our Area We Would Trust With Our Project
Two koi pond contractors digging a koi pond

These koi pond contractors should be able to build your ideal pond and give you a good experience along the way. We’d let them in our backyards!

Find out who they are in the post below-

Time To Get Serious

“We should get a koi pond for our backyard like the Smith’s do,” Melissa says firmly.

Josh smiles. “Yeah, the Smith’s do have a really nice koi pond. We’ve been looking at getting one for a while. Heck, we even looked up the cost of a koi pond in our area!”

Melissa nods. “Exactly. We’ve just been looking up stuff to make us feel like we’re progressing. Really, we’re just stuck. I think we need to look up and start contacting koi pond contractors around Colorado Springs.”

Chairs in front of a backyard water feature

“Ok, but who can we trust to do that?” asks Josh. Melissa brings out her phone. “I’m going to look up some people on Google. There has to be a few trusty contractors around us.”

After a few minutes of searching… “Oh, here’s something! This pond contractor website has some recommendations of other contractors in the area,” Melissa says, showing her phone to Josh.

Here is what the couple sees:

Trustworthy Koi Pond Contractors Around Colorado Springs

Some of the better koi pond contractors to work with in Colorado Springs include Purely Ponds, Serenity Falls, and Sprinklers Inc. They should be able to give you a great final product with good customer service. 

Purely Ponds

Chris Oberg, the owner, is fully active in every step of the process. He holds an extreme commitment to excellence and attention to detail.

Serenity Falls

This koi pond contractor isn’t just some guy who says he can build a pond; he’s a Certified Aquascape Contractor. They love the outdoors and want to help you love yours even more.

Sprinklers Inc

This koi pond contractor wants to breathe life into your outdoor living space without breaking the bank from installation to operation. Sprinklers Inc started as a family business and continues  to be one today.