How to Keep an Outdoor Water Fountain Clean

Decorative fountains and water features can be the perfect addition to any outdoor living space. Often serving as the focal point of any outdoor area, it is important to keep your fountain clean, since it is the item in your yard that will garner the most attention.

While knowing how to keep an outdoor water fountain clean can be challenging, many homeowners find that caring for their fountains are simple once they get the hang of it. Whether you’ve just installed a fountain in your yard or are looking for some tips and tricks for keeping your old fountain a bit cleaner, here are a few tips on how to keep an outdoor water fountain clean.

1. Trim Plants

Keep your fountain free from unwanted debris by trimming any plants or vegetation that are growing nearby. Plants or leaves that end up in your fountain can not only look unsightly, but can breed unwanted bacteria, or attract wildlife such as animals. Keeping the plants in your yard trimmed will reduce the chances of unwanted vegetation making its way into your fountain. 

2. Frequently Clean Your Fountain

The best way to ensure that your fountain stays clean all year long is by routinely taking the time to clean it thoroughly. Be sure you fully remove and clean the fountain’s pump before cleaning the remainder of the fountain. While there is an abundance of special outdoor fountain cleaning products on the market, using a natural solution like vinegar can work as well. 

While the frequency with which you clean your outdoor fountain depends on numerous factors, including the size of the fountain and the climate where your outdoor fountain is located, many experts recommend cleaning your fountain once every few weeks. 

3. Keep Water Running 

To prevent dirt, bugs, and unwanted plant life from settling into your outdoor fountain, experts recommend keeping your fountain on with water running as often as possible. Allowing your fountain to be turned off for longer periods of time allows the water to become stagnant, and dirty. A well-maintained and frequently cleaned fountain pump will help to filter the water, keeping it clean. 

4. Use Water Additives

Sometimes, simply keeping water running is not enough to prevent buildup from algae and other natural elements that can grow in your pond. Special additives like algaecide can be added to your water to keep your outdoor fountains free of any unwanted plant life or other elements. 

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