How To Clear Pond Water Quickly And Long-Term Solutions

You Can Keep Your Colorado Springs Koi Pond Clean And Clear All Year
Clean and clear pond water

There are many ways for how to clear pond water. A pond cleaning, barley straw bundles, and adding more filters are a few.

Find more ways and learn about them in the post below-

We Need To Do Something!

“Our pond is becoming unsightly and I’m worried about our fish,” Melissa points out.

Josh goes to see where she’s pointing out of the kitchen window. “Wow, when did our pond water turn green? Yeah, you’re right, we do need to do something. Fast, too.”

Koi pond in need of spring cleaning

Melissa nods. “I don’t think we need to call the pond contractor or anything just yet. We can probably look up how to clear pond water online and see if there’s anything useful.” She gets out her phone to do just that.

After searching for a while, here are the solutions Melissa and Josh find:

5 Ways To Clear Pond Water

  1. Add filters
  2. Add pond life
  3. Barley straw bundle
  4. Pond cleaning
  5. Chemicals
The benefits of having a water feature are many

More filters and more pond life both help clear the water and keep it clean. Filters will clean it fairly quickly and keep it that way.

Fish eat algae that forms and koi pond plants take up the nutrients algae feed on. They’ll work a bit slower but they’ll do a good job and they’ll make your pond look natural and amazing!

Water lilies make excellent koi pond plants

You can take a small bundle of barley straw and put it in your pond. Basically, the barley breaks down in the water and becomes an algaecide. This is better as a preventative measure. It works slowly to remove algae and may not work with huge blooms or certain algae.

A pond cleaning will clear your water in less than a day. There are 3 ways to clean a koi pond and each one should do the job well.

How to clean a pond in Colorado

We don’t recommend chemical solutions for clearing pond water. The ecosystem ponds we build rely on more natural cleaning solutions and chemicals can throw the ecosystem off.