How To Clean Your Pond In Colorado In 3 Ways

Keep Your Colorado Pond Clean And Beautiful So You Can Enjoy It Even More

You can clean your pond by draining the water, carefully power washing and rinsing the rocks, hosing down the skimmers and other filters, and then refilling it. The water may take a couple of days to clear up but then your pond will be clean and beautiful again.

You can also clean it without draining it. If you don’t need either of those you can just take care of any algae blooms.

How to clean a pond in Colorado

It’s Starting To Look Nasty

“Ross, our pond is looking…sick! I think we need to clean our pond or something.”

Ross looks up as Rachel walks in from the backyard. Her brow wrinkles in concern as she looks at him for answers.

Algae in a pond that needs cleaning

“What do you mean it’s looking sick?” Rachel goes on to explain how their pond looks sick because it’s kind of green and how she’s worried about their fish.

The couple decides to look online to see if they can find a way to clean their pond themselves. Depending on how much work and time it’ll take they may hire a contractor to clean their pond.

How To Fully Clean Your Pond In 6 Steps

  1. Fill up a tub with pond water and put your fish in it
  2. Drain the rest of the water
  3. Power wash the rocks to remove larger debris
  4. Gently hose down your pond
  5. Clean the filters with a hose
  6. Refill and slowly reintroduce your fish

“That’s all well and good, but we need more information than just this if we’re going to be able to clean our pond,” Ross says.

Details For Fully Cleaning Your Pond

You’ll want to use your current pond water because that is what your fish are used to. It’s also already a stable environment for them. Tap and other water has chlorine and other chemicals in it your fish won’t take to well.

When you move your fish make sure to have a net over the tub so they can’t jump out. The tub should be in a shadier spot. They also shouldn’t be left there for more than 5 hours or so.

Draining your pond for cleaning can be done with a sump pump or clean-out pump. It may be best to rent one of these because they tend to be on the pricier side.

Pumping water out of a pond to clean it

You can clean your pond without draining it but it may not end up being as clean as you’d like it to be.

When power washing, keep the spray 6-8 inches above the rocks. Removing all of the algae is actually bad for the pond so it’s best to leave some on the rocks. It’s also where beneficial bacteria grow.

For cleaning your filters, take out the skimmer basket, remove anything in it, then rinse it out with the hose. If you have a biofalls (waterfall filter) take out the bio-balls bag and rinse it off.

Put everything back where it needs to go and refill your pond. Add a pond detoxifier and follow the instructions on the packaging.

Then you’ll need to get your fish used to the temperature and makeup of the new water. Put them in an open bag or bucket, placing it in the new pond water, and gently splash water into it. Do this over a span of 15 or so minutes. Then let them out.

Now Ross and Rachel know how to fully clean a pond, but they want to know if they can clean their pond without draining it.

How To Clean Your Pond Without Draining It In 5 Steps

  1. Use a pond net to remove floating debris
  2. Clean the bottom with a water vacuum
  3. Add in beneficial bacteria
  4. Remove algae
  5. Clean filters
Pond looking beautiful after cleaning

Ross understands all the steps here except for what he needs to do to remove algae. Rachel doesn’t know what beneficial bacteria are or how they can help.

Details On Cleaning Your Pond Without Draining It

Firstly, you don’t want to get rid of all the algae because some is actually good, if not needed. You can use an Ion-Gen to control your algae and help keep the pond water clean and clear.

Beneficial bacteria help filter your water. Adding a concentrated amount during cleaning can help break down organic matter faster, leaving your pond looking and being better.

We recommend renting a water vacuum instead of buying one. It’ll save you money and it’ll be one less item to store.

You can clean the filters the same way you would if you were fully cleaning your pond.

Ross thinks this is great, but what if his pond just has an algae problem? He doesn’t want to have to go through all of these steps just to remove some algae.

How To Clean Algae From Your Pond In 6 Ways

It’s best to prevent large amounts of algae from growing in the first place. You can keep your pond clean from algae by:

  1. Using an Ion-Gen
  2. Add plants to take up the nutrients algae feed on
  3. Feed your fish less so they eat more algae
  4. Add an aerator to move water around
  5. Remove floating algae with a skimmer net
  6. Algaecide chemicals
Ion Gen parts
parts of an ion-gen

You can use chemicals to remove algae from your pond. This can be tricky and even slightly dangerous for your fish so be sure to do plenty of research. You can also call pond contractors and ask what they recommend.

Outside of that, you may have to perform a full drain and clean to clean algae out of your pond.

Is This A DIY Job Or…?

The couple looks at each other waiting for the other to speak first. Ross leads off with “We should try the algae cleaning first to see if that’s the only problem. If it’s still dirty after that we should probably look for a contractor to clean it.”

They clean out the algae but their pond still looks dirty. The couple goes back to look up why this is and they find out that because winter just passed their pond is dirtier than normal.

They download this spring pond maintenance guide to find the answers to their dirty pond problem.