Commercial Landscaping Project For Garden Of The Gods

The Most Visited Public Park In The USA Called Us In To Bring Their Commercial Landscaping Project To Life

If you want to see what a professional landscaping company can do for commercial properties then you’ve come to the right place. Designed by Jenie Simms, this commercial landscaping project we did for the Garden Of The Gods visitor center is beautiful. The xeriscape and deer-resistant Colorado native plants fit perfectly on the stone retaining wall plateaus we built to make the landscape less uniform. They work together to provide a great experience for all visitors.

After seeing this you may want to price and build your commercial landscape.

It’s Finally A Go!

Matt hangs up the phone with a huge smile on his face.

His company, Hiner Outdoor Living, has finally gotten the go-ahead on doing a commercial landscaping project for the Garden Of The Gods Visitor Center.

Garden of the Gods commercial landscaping project

One of their clients, who’s on the board for the Garden, recommended them for the job and Matt’s been waiting for the green light for what feels like forever. The designs are in place, the materials are chosen, the plants have been picked out, and his team is itching to get to work. It’s always fun to transform a space into something better than it was.

And that’s exactly what he’s about to do here.

A Commercial Landscaping Project For The History Books

Matt and his team get to work transforming this public park’s visitor center into a real Garden Of The Gods:

The first part of this commercial landscaping project Matt works on, which is probably the most important here, is creating plateaus for the plants by installing retaining walls. The material is a natural stone with reddish-orange colorings. They fit in well with the surrounding color scheme while still popping out.

Then he starts planting the plants:

The plants he and his team are planting are a combination of 2 different types: xeriscape plants and deer-resistant native Colorado plants.

Xeriscape plants are ones that don’t need a lot of water to live. Matt knows they have several advantages including:

  1. Reduced water intake
  2. Easier to maintain
  3. Less costly
  4. Reduced waste and pollution

All of these make xeriscaping an appropriate fit for the Garden Of The Gods.

The Opinions Are In

Looks like Jenie and Hiner Outdoor Living did a fantastic job with this commercial landscaping project. The board members love it and it looks like all of their visitors will too.

We’d love to read your opinion on how you think this project turned out in the comments below!