Colorado Springs Landscaping You’ll Have To See To Believe

You can see the various landscaping projects the Neil’s had us do for them. They include a pond, stream, patio, hot tub, landscaping, a fire feature, and a few more items. You can see it all if you keep reading. Warning: you may end up wanting one or more of these for your home too.

This is the view the Neil’s get to see every time they look outside. It’s about time too after all the years of hard work they put into work and raising a family. Now they are finally ready to retire and focus on themselves again.

That’s why they are here in the Kissing Camels area of Colorado Springs. Coming 1,000+ miles from mountainy Wisconsin this area is perfect for them because it reminds them of home. This premium lot captures the view of the Garden of the Gods.

But the view isn’t complete yet. 

While spectacular, the Neils have a broader vision. It includes a lot of landscaping and installations:

  • Infinity edge stream
  • Fire feature
  • Patio
  • Sunken hot tub
  • Low maintenance xeriscape/grass

They want someone who’s going to do an amazing job bringing their dream to life. They turn to their home’s builder. He recommends them to Hiner Outdoor Living (that’s us!), a well-known Colorado Springs landscaping and outdoor living company.

Here are the results of their partnership.

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The Water Feature

The tranquil waters wrap the patio in a cool embrace.

The Neils want a water feature to help complete their new Colorado Springs landscaping. They give Hiner Outdoor Living a little creative licensing and here is what they get:

Colorado Springs Pond Company

A waterfall tumbles down into a shallow stream of rocks and gravel. The Neils love the serene splashing sound it creates in the background, perfect for unwinding near. The water winds it’s way slowly around a paver stone patio. It then turns into an infinity stream, looking like it extends into eternity.

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The Neil’s patio also has a gas fireplace.

Combine that with some chairs and an incredible view and they have something they want to use everyday. It’s perfect for enjoying the chillier Colorodo seasons in their outdoor living space.

Oh, and so is their sunken hot tub.

Colorado Springs landscaping with a sunken hot tub

Colorado Springs Landscaping: The Xeriscape

The grasses and shrubs wave in the wind, as though gladly greeting us.

The Neil’s also want some plants for their home. A nice looking landscape around their home is almost a necessity since their backyard is literally the Garden of the Gods. But while they want this, what they don’t want is to have to do a bunch of maintenance. They want less work and more enjoyment.

They got it:

The beige rocks, brown mulch, and green plants create a symphony of color in this semi-arid area. The plants don’t need much maintenance aside from the occasional watering. The Neils can enjoy their beautiful Colorado Springs landscape without having to break their backs (or their wallets).

You Can Have Something Like This

Your ideal Colorado Springs landscaping might be easier to get than you think. Sometimes all it takes is a shift in viewpoint (though in the Neil’s case it’s about a 1,000 mile shift). Why not have a one-of-a-kind landscape to go with your one-of-a-kind view?