Backyard Ideas: 3 Additions For Your Colorado Springs Landscape

Helping Make Backyard Ideas Come To Life In Colorado Springs

These 3 backyard ideas are only a few of the ways homeowners like yourself can create an even more amazing outdoor area in which to enjoy the Colorado Springs view.

Michael and Michelle are going to add a fountain, fire pit, and retaining walls to their outdoor space so they can maximize the enjoyment they get from it. They also add 1 more part to it…

Let’s see how their project turns out.

Backyard idea- an outdoor fountain

While this project is a real one a client had us do for them, all names and dialogue are fictionalized for this post.

“Ok dear, let’s bring these backyard ideas to our home!”

“Thank goodness,” Michael thinks in relief. He’s glad he didn’t have to push Michelle any harder to get her to agree to his ideas. “All I want is an outdoor area where I can both relax and host get-togethers for family and friends.”

The Italian villa-inspired home they are living in is their dream home. His ideas come from him being a restauranteur. He wants an area where people can relax or come together to celebrate, much like his restaurant.

Michael has already put a ton of hours into these ideas. He’s been researching different ideas and contractors in Colorado Springs who can help make them happen. “Ok then, I’ll start making some calls and see who I can find to do our project,” he says happily. He sits down in front of his computer and brings up his list of contractors.

Hiner Outdoor Living crew onsite at a project

As he’s deciding which one to call, he remembers meeting a contractor during an event. “What was it again…” Michael mutters under his breath. “Mansion March…Parade…Parade Of Homes, that’s it!” he says with excitement. 

He pulls up the information and calls the contractor who brought the homeowners’ visions to life: Hiner Outdoor Living.

Michael talks with Hiner Outdoor Living about his backyard ideas. After a long discussion with HOL (that also involved his wife), they decide to use HOL to do their project. They come in and install a fountain, fire pit, retaining walls, and an outdoor yoga area. Here is what they look like.

Michael’s Ideal Outdoor Area

“This is fantastic!” Michael manages to say before his jaw drops.

He is slowly floating down his driveway in his car, looking at the beautiful new retaining walls lining it.

They help make room for more plants which are also new, appropriate for the new retaining walls that provide space for them.

“Michelle,” Michael says urgently “if it’s this nice here out front then the backyard must be amazing. Oooo there’s the front door fountain I had them install! I wonder if the backyard fountain is just as nice, let’s go see.”

They walk around back to find their personal paradise.

View of the retaining walls that are part of Michaels backyard ideas
Hiner Outdoor Living crew onsite at a project

As they look down into their backyard they can see all the backyard ideas Michael asked for:

  • A semi-circular fire pit as part of the wall on the left
  • The beautiful fountain right by the hot tub (and the one he passed by the front door)
  • An outdoor yoga area to keep stress levels low

“It’s amazing!” Michael says as he and his wife walk down the stairs to start enjoying their beautiful backyard.