ALCC’s Outlook Award for Emerging Leaders

Matt Hiner Receives Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado’s Outlook Award for Emerging Leaders.

As summertime begins to bloom with sunshine and promise, Hiner Landscapes has an exciting success to announce. The Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado (ALCC) has recently awarded Matt Hiner, the owner of our company, the Outlook Award for Emerging Leaders for 2016.

So what does that actually mean? The ALCC is the leading organization in Colorado for the landscaping industry.It’s been around for 50 years, and it’s been pivotal in helping Colorado achieve a stable landscaping environment while promoting responsible water and resources use. As we know, the Colorado climate can be difficult to work with, and ALCC helps landscaping professionals and homeowners learn how to deal with the atmosphere here effectively without wasting valuable resources.

Hiner Landscapes is a member of ALCC, which means that we are committed to going out of our way to conduct ourselves in a professional and ethical manner as we promote landscaping in Colorado. We do a lot of volunteer work with ALCC and help to make the landscaping field more trusted and distinguished.

Each year, ALCC asks their members to nominate people who go above and beyond the required membership duties. The Outlook award that Matt just received specifically honors the “up and comers” in the industry who are under 40 years of age. Matt received this award because our attitude at Hiner is all about paying it forward, and we are heavily involved in the ALCC’s Southern Chapter here in Colorado Springs.

To give you can example of the volunteer work we do, Hiner Landscapes managed ALCC’s 2016 Day of Service project, which happened at Harrison School District Two. We oversaw the construction of outdoor learning labs—basically like workstations—where students were able to learn basic landscaping skills that will help them to begin a career in the landscaping industry right out of high school.

Here at Hiner, we love being creative and innovative, and we truly believe in the value that landscaping can offer people—both in the beauty of their backyards and in the careers and promotion of responsible resources. We’re very honored to receive this award, and we hope to continue to invest in this community in any way that we can in the coming years.