9 Outdoor Living Space Ideas You Will Want Right Now

You Can Use These Outdoor Space Ideas To Create An Amazing Colorado Springs Experience
Outdoor living space ideas collage

You can use these 9 outdoor living space ideas to create an amazing home experience in Colorado Springs. The pictures are from projects clients had us do. They include water features, fireplaces, patios, lighting, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, outdoor living rooms, and more.

You can see them all and what they can do for your yard below.

Let’s Extend Our Home To The Outside

“We have such a great view, it’s a shame we don’t make the most of it,” Gwen says suddenly.

Beautiful view of Garden of the Gods needs outdoor living space ideas to make it better

Peter looks over at her suspiciously. Whenever she says something randomly like that it usually means she has a plan. Right now he suspects it has something to do with their backyard. He decides to take the bait.

“What do you mean? We look at it often enough.” Gwen doesn’t think they do and that they would if they had a better outdoor experience. That’s why she has put together a list of outdoor living space ideas she would want for their backyard.

Gwen even knows who she wants to request a consultation from.

Here are the ideas she has put together.

Outdoor Living Space Ideas

  1. Water Features
  2. Fire Features
  3. Outdoor Living Room

Outdoor living rooms can include comfortable seating, coverings like pergolas, lighting, outdoor kitchens, and more outdoor living space ideas.

Peter looks at her list quietly. Gwen looks on anxiously, trying to read his face. “I’d love to see some pictures first,” he finally says.

Let’s see what these ideas can look like in Colorado Springs backyards.

Double rainbow over a beautiful outdoor living space ideas

1. Water Features

“Can you imagine the relaxing sound and peaceful view of running water?” Gwen asks dreamily.

Peter sees 3 different types of water features: ponds, streams, and fountains:

You can even combine water features to create a water-centered oasis in your backyard. A fountain can spill water into a stream that winds its way down to a waterfall splashing into your pond. Add in some fish and plants to create a natural-looking paradise a few steps away.

Pond owner reading a newspaper while relaxing beside her water feature outdoor living space idea

Gwen sees a small smile on Peter’s face as he looks at the different water features. She knows he’s already hooked. He scrolls down to the next of her outdoor living space ideas.

2. Fire Features

“With this we can curl up under the stars when it starts cooling down and even have guests outside,” Gwen says excitedly.

Fire features are hot outdoor living space ideas

Not only are fire features a hot (ha!) addition to backyards they make them more accessible as the weather gets cooler. Nobody wants to huddle together for warmth in an outdoor living room. That isn’t necessary with a fire feature.

Peter thinks it’s a cool idea but he wants to see what else Gwen found before getting too attached to an idea.


3. Outdoor Living Rooms

“This is my absolute favorite,” Gwen says nervously.

Outdoor living rooms are a great outdoor living space idea

These outdoor living ideas can truly make your outdoor area a “room” in your home. You can put all kinds of additions in them like:

  • Couches and chairs
  • A fire feature
  • Covering like a pergola or canvas
  • An outdoor kitchen
  • Lighting

And pretty much anything else you can think of (even televisions).

Gwen breaks out into a wide smile as she sees Peter’s eyes widen at the pictures of the outdoor living rooms. She knows he’s onboard now.

“These are amazing, wow! We definitely need to work on getting an outdoor living room like one of these,” he says. Grace laughs and gives him a big, excited hug. 

“Wait until you see more of these landscaping and outdoor living ideas,” Gwen eagerly.

“It’s amazing!” Michael says as he and his wife walk down the stairs to start enjoying their beautiful backyard.