9 Amazing Landscaping Projects In Colorado Springs

We are the best landscapers in Colorado Springs, but you probably aren’t just going to take our word for it (not many people would). That’s why we’re going to show you we are the best.

Here, you can see 9 landscaping projects we have done over the past few years and decide for yourself if our work lives up to your standards.

1. Garden Of The Gods Visitor Center

If ever there was a garden created by gods then this one would be a contender.

Designed by Jenie Simms, the Garden Of The Gods showcases a variety of native and xeric plants (that means they need very little maintenance or water). These plants mostly grow in arid regions, making them perfect for this space.

They are also deer resistant, so the Garden need not worry about them browsing among their plants. We also installed several natural stone retaining walls to create small plateaus perfect for plants.

2. Vista Grande

This has to be one of our favorite projects because we got to go all out with the design in this backyard.

We’re talking:

  • Fully functioning ecosystem pond
  • Fire feature
  • Landscape lighting
  • Patio
  • Pavers
Pond with LED lighting as part of a outdoor living project in Vista Grande
Fire Boulder In Colorado Springs CO

This homeowners outdoor space has been transformed into their personal garden of the gods.

Chairs in front of a backyard water feature

3. Peregrine

The landscaping we did here flows so well together:

View of the retaining walls that are part of Michaels backyard ideas
Backyard idea of an outdoor fountain

We installed natural stone retaining walls to create more space for plants or anything else the homeowners have in mind. A fountain and fire feature were also installed, perfectly matching the aesthetic of the house.

Overview of Michaels backyard ideas

4. Powers

Oh man, where to even begin on this amazing Colorado Springs landscaping project:

Waterfall that is also a biological filter
Fire pit with retaining wall that doubles as a bench

The pondless water feature starts with a waterfall and flows alongside a patio, making the patio a perfect place for relaxing or entertaining guests. The area is surrounded by lush vegetation made up of a variety of plants from native to xeriscape. There’s even a garden bed perfect for vegetables.

Add in the fact that the plants are deer resistant and this place becomes an ideal paradise.

Backyard stream with landscaping and patio area

5. Cañon City

This family had a near perfect space for creating an amazing outdoor area:

Closeup of mini waterfall inside a stream

The pondless water feature looks perfect running throughout their property. It flows next to the patio with firepit center we installed. If you look closely, under the wall that runs around the patio are enough logs of wood to keep a fire burning for days.

Overhead view of fire pit patio area

The pondless feature also runs alongside the deer-resistant plants we planted. Now the family can enjoy their landscape without having to worry about their plants being eaten.

6. Garden Of The Gods

4 words: infinity pondless water feature. Who would’ve thought you could create an infinity water feature that wasn’t a pool?

That is part of what made this project fun for us and the family.

This infinity pondless water feature helps make an already amazing view even better! It’s like it goes on forever…

The water feature is in the middle of a xeriscape garden (deer-resistant plants of course) providing splashes of color amidst a semi-arid landscape.

The natural flagstone patio we installed is perfect for almost any activity from relaxing after work to hosting a dinner party.

Infinity pondless water feature with amazing view

We can’t forget to mention the sunken hot tub we installed for this landscaping project too (too bad we didn’t get to use it)!

With a view like this, it wouldn’t be surprising if this family ended up spending more time together enjoying the outdoors than inside silently watching tv or scrolling through their phones.

7. Ivy Wild

The outdoor kitchen for this landscaping project is truly amazing:

Backyard kitchen and bar with pergola
Outdoor kitchen idea from the dining table

Now everyone can gather together while the cooking happens without crowding the kitchen or having someone left out as they prepare the meal. It’s even a great place to gather outside of meal times!

The fire feature really sets this outdoor space apart from others (it’s multi-layered!).

Firepit in outdoor kitchen

8. Meridian Ranch

First came the natural stone retaining walls to help create beautiful boundaries for the xeriscape natural areas we installed.

Back of the home of landscaping and outdoor living project in meridian ranch
Grill and fireplace with wall as part of this landscaping and outdoor living project

Then came the patio, partly surrounded by a wall of it’s own to make a perfect place to put ingredients as you cook using the outdoor kitchen. There’s also a fireplace so they can enjoy the beautiful Colorado Springs outdoors (and maybe roast some marshmallows while they’re at it).

Firepit in outdoor kitchen

9. Kissing Camels

We had the opportunity to create a beautiful stone driveway (and we did). This family can pull up to a stylish home every day:

Firepit in outdoor kitchen
Grill and fridge set into a wall to make a backyard kitchen

We also installed an outdoor kitchen, but this time with a mini-fridge! It’s all a part of a beautiful patio with a fireplace and furniture. This homeowner created a truly amazing and unique outdoor area.

Outdoor living room after image in Colorado Springs

How Did We Do?

These 9 clients are in love with their new landscapes, and so are we! The real question is what do you think of our work?

Let us know which one of these was your favorite in the comments below.