5 Benefits Of Having A Pond In Your Colorado Springs Backyard

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The benefits of having a water feature are many

You can create a calming place to relax, increase the value of your home, and more. The benefits of having a pond are ones you won’t want to miss out on.

Find out all of the benefits below-

Vacation In Our Backyard?

“Exactly! We can’t go hiking or camping every day. We can be in our backyard every day.”

Brittany raises an eyebrow. “So, are you saying we should camp out in our backyard?” Josh laughs a little. “No, no, no. I’m saying we should make our backyard feel more like the places we go to ‘get away’.”

Patio and pond

“And how will we do that?” asks Brittany. Josh smiles. “We can get that and more by putting a pond in our backyard! Here, read this post I found on the benefits of having a pond.” He pulls up a website on his phone and hands it to her to read.

Here is what she reads-

Benefits Of Having A Pond

There are 5 main benefits of having a pond in your backyard. They include reducing stress, increasing property value, adding unique character, bringing in nature, cooling down your yard, and you can start a water gardening hobby.

“Really? Let’s see if this post goes into more detail,” Josh says as he scrolls down.

Before and after pictures of building a koi pond

1. Ponds Reduce Stress

“There’s just something about water, isn’t there?”

Water has one of the few negatives you want in your life- negative ions. They help people relax and recharge; this is why hiking by a waterfall or sitting by a lake feels so refreshing. It can reduce stress, ease depression, and have other benefits.

The sound of water is a soothing sound that can be therapeutic for the heart and mind. On top of that, it can drown out less pleasant noises. These include the droning of traffic, kids playing too loudly, and barking dogs.

“That sounds lovely! Let’s see the other benefits of having a pond,” Josh excitedly scrolls onward.

2. Add A Unique Feature

How many people do you know with a backyard pond?

From neighborhood to neighborhood, there aren’t many. Water features are a unique feature. They make yards and homes stand out from the rest.

Pond with LED lighting as part of a outdoor living project in Vista Grande

You can add a variety of rocks, accents, and plants that’ll make it look as if you built your home around a pond. You can have a pond of almost any shape and size fit into your specific space.

“Sounds like it could definitely increase our property value, too,” Josh points out.

3. Increase The Value Of Your Property

It’s more than just monetary.

Value can be put into dollar amounts, but it’s not just about money. Ponds provide a place to escape to, are somewhere wonderful to entertain friends and family, and are an area to come together with people or find time for yourself.

Pond owner reading a newspaper while relaxing beside her water feature

With these and the rest of the benefits of having a pond, the value is tremendous! Plus, it really does stand out from other, run-of-the-mill backyards.

The great thing about water features is that they don’t have to break the bank. You can use our quote generator to get an idea of what you might need to invest to create your own backyard oasis.

“Ahh yes, the value of a pond is in more than its beauty. Though, it’s beauty is amazing.”

4. Bring In More Of Nature’s Beauty

You can create a little ecosystem of your own.

Natural ponds attract wildlife and your backyard one can too. Turtles, birds, and other animals flock to a source of water. You can be endlessly entertained watching birds and other wildlife as they explore your pond. Koi fish are another animal you can have in your pond.

Father and son spending time together around a koi pond worth the cost of a koi pond

You could be sitting in your back yard, listening to the birds singing songs. A small fox appears, or even a deer and her fawn. Frogs start croaking and you hear the splash of a turtle diving in. These could be almost everyday occurrences.

“I’m almost sold already!” Josh says with a huge smile.

5. Have A New Outdoor Activity

It’s water gardening season!

Water lilies make excellent koi pond plants

You can plant aquatic plants in and around your pond. Nurture them and watch as they grow into beautiful plants that make your pond look even more natural and beautiful.

In fact, here are 5 popular aquatic plants for the Colorado Springs area.