3 Native Plants To Colorado People Beautify Their Homes With

Find Out What Plants Are Great For Growing In Colorado Springs
Yard in Colorado Springs

Some great native plants to colorado include Lupine, Aspen Daisy, and the Chocolate Flower (which, sadly, isn’t an edible plant).

See what they look like and learn a bit about them below-

Time To Spruce Up Our Yard

“What do you mean, ‘spruce up,’ John,” asks Melissa.

John pulls out his phone. “Well, I thought it would be really nice to add in some native Colorado plants. They’re made for this climate, which makes them easier to care for. Also, I like how they fit the theme of where we live.”

Melissa’s smile lights up the room. “That’s a great idea, John! They’ll go great with our deer-resistant perennials. Let’s get on it so we can get them in the ground ASAP. What plants are we getting?” she asks, twirling her car keys.

“Whoa, hold on a minute, haha. I haven’t picked out any native plants to Colorado yet. I wanted to talk to you about the options first. It is our yard, after all,” says John. “Let’s look them up!” Melissa says excitedly. John waves his phone around. “I have some pages pulled up right here.” The couple gets to searching.

After much discussion, here are the 3 plants they decide to start with:

3 Great Native Colorado Plants

The three popular native plants to Colorado are Lupine, Aspen Daisy, and Chocolate Flower. Each brings a different look to yards. You can use them together to create a beautiful look for your landscape.

1. Lupine

Silver Lupine, aka Lupinus argenteus, is a beautiful cone-shaped plant.

Silver Lupines are a great native plant to Colorado

They are a collection of small flowers forming a beautiful cone. The main colors they bloom are white, lavender, and purple. This native Colorado plant can grow in almost any kind of soil. It loves sunny areas or lightly shaded places. You can see them grow to anywhere from 1 to 3 feet tall.

2. Aspen Daisy

This showy flower, aka Erigeron speciosus, loves the summer.

Purple Aspen Daisies looking amazing

It blooms a variety of colors including pink, purple, and blue. They’ll pop up to about 1 to 2 feet tall. While this native plant to Colorado likes the sun, it also enjoys some shade. It can also live in most types of soil. Daisies do attract butterflies so you’ll see more start coming around your yard.

3. Chocolate Flower

While it doesn’t taste like chocolate, this flower can smell like it!

Chocolate flower in full bloom

Firstly, Berlandiera lyrata is a daisy, which means more butterflies. It blooms yellow flowers on summer nights and early mornings with a rich cocoa smell. It prefers sunny and well-drained areas. Height-wise, it can grow about 1 to 1.5 feet tall.

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“Now, let’s go find these 3 plants and put them in our yard,” Melissa says. Josh nods a little bit. “Maybe. I mean, why don’t we look and see if there’s anything else we want first?” Melissa shrugs and keeps looking with Josh.