3 Landscaping Ideas For Small Backyards In Colorado Springs

This small landscaping idea for backyards in Colorado Springs transforms the Powers’  yard into something amazing. You can see their ideal landscape: a pondless water feature, uniquely designed patio, and beautiful xeriscaping in this small backyard. You might even want to do something like this for your yard.

All characters in this post are not accurate representations of our clients. The characters’ personalities and diction are fictional. 

What kind of backyard does a military family want?

This is a real question, no punch-line. They want their backyard to be beautiful and amazing but so does everyone. For one military family there is a critical difference: maintenance. 

The Powers are a military couple and Mr. Powers will be deploying soon. They want a backyard that will be both beautiful and easy to maintain. It’s fairly small so the design will need to center around that.

There’s one problem: they don’t know what they want specifically. The Powers need ideas, so they go to the best place to get landscaping ideas for small backyards: Google.

But they didn’t just go to Google Images or Pinterest.

The Powers are looking on local contractor’s websites. They are getting ideas from professional landscapers near them in Colorado Springs. Now they can see who around them can actually give them the backyard they want.

The couple comes across Hiner Outdoor Living. It’s a family business centering around transforming yards into ideal landscapes. 

They look around the site and come across the pondless water features page. 

Pondless Water Feature Idea For A Small Backyard

A small waterfall gushes downwards into a small stream, winding its way from one end of the yard to the other.

The Powers can see it now. A small sheet waterfall to start off the pondless water feature. Then it can slowly meander across the yard….

They look through the page and see exactly what they want. Pondless water features need little maintenance (which isn’t complicated) and they can fit into small spaces. 1 person is all a pondless water feature needs. It’s one of the most ideal landscaping ideas for small backyards.

The couple sees beautiful plants next to the water features and decide to explore them next.

Landscaping A Small Yard For Low Maintenance Beauty

The plants enhance the beauty of the yard from barest grass to fullest grace.

The Powers see that Hiner Outdoor Living can help them make the most of their hilly backyard. They can install retaining walls to create more room for plants.

Landscaping for small backyards flowers

But the Powers need low maintenance beauty in their plants. They will need a lot of shrubs, drought-resistant plants, grasses, and a few other beauties. These plants can run alongside the stream, line any paths, and dot their small backyard.

But there’s something missing that can bring it all together.

A Unique Patio For This Small Backyard In Colorado Springs

The patio seems to radiate outwards from the center like a shining stone sun.

The Powers think “What better way to complete our landscape than with a patio for us to enjoy it from?” There aren’t many landscaping ideas for small backyards that can pull one together like this:

Patio and retaining wall for landscaping in small backyards

The couple can use their firepit on it and Mr. Powers can look at the stars from his telescope on firm, level ground. They can also use it for entertaining guests or simply enjoying their beautiful, soon-to-be landscape.

Time To Make The Call

The Powers have their ideas and are ready to make the call.

Actually, they already made the call. The pictures of these ideas in this post are from their backyard. They are having a wonderful time in their new backyard because it is exactly what they want. You can have this too.